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Rehab Training

Corrective Exercises / Therapeutic Stretching

Therapeutic Stretching and Corrective Exercises are a crucial component of your treatment plan at Bodyworks and Rehab. In fact, it's so crucial that we've given our clinic its own space just for it. A long-term remedy for your pain or injury is provided by a prescription of stretches and corrective exercises, allowing you to heal more quickly and control or reduce discomfort on your own.

Using an understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics, corrective exercise addresses and corrects movement compensations and imbalances to enhance overall movement quality both during workouts and in daily life.

What Sorts of Rehab Exercises do we offer?

Expect your provider won't immediately supply you with a complicated rehab plan if you're in a lot of pain. Stretching and basic movement pattern exercises are frequently the first steps in a prescription for corrective exercise.

Your joints and muscles will become more flexible and have a wider range of motion as a result of stretching exercises. Exercises for movement patterns assist you in relearning healthy movement patterns that have become challenging or dysfunctional. Numerous patients display observable patterns of muscular imbalance and poor movement, which can be easily treated with the suitable regimen.


Some of the exercises we use at our clinic as part of your treatment include:

  • Body weight exercises

  • Kettlebell and dumbell exercises

  • Theraband resistance exercises

  • Complex functional movement exercises

  • Sport or activity specific exercises



Since your pain, injury, and goals are unique our providers prescribe specific exercises based on their exam and findings to get you out of pain and moving better as soon as posssible.

Corrective Exercises.png
Corrective Exercises lower the likelihood of future injuries !
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